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Every Child Matters (Heart/Hands)

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Waterproof Sticker

$1 from each sticker will be donated to Kenhtè:ke Language and Cultural Centre in Tyendinaga. 

"The Mohawk language is considered endangered, with less than 2,500 speakers in Canada and the USA. While the number of first language speakers is declining across all Mohawk territories, the population of Indigenous Peoples in Canada is growing. The time to build and invest in a next generation of speakers is now. To reverse the decline of Indigenous languages in Canada, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission final report called for the establishment of more education and cultural spaces. That’s why we’re proposing the creation of a Kenhtè:ke Language and Cultural Centre in Tyendinaga."

For more information on the Kenhtè:ke Language and Cultural Centre and how you can get involved, please visit:

"September 30th has been declared Orange Shirt Day annually, in recognition of the harm the residential school system did to children's sense of self-esteem and well being, and as an affirmation of our commitment to ensure that everyone around us matters." 

For more information on Orange Shirt day & Phyllis's story, please visit: