Owner Behind The Business

Owner Behind The Business

My childhood memories of being an entrepreneurial girl come to me when I consider my current situation. I was continuously creating—I was drawing, painting, and baking—and asking my parents for guidance on how to market my work, gain recognition from people more than just my family, and get active in the neighbourhood. I started participating in community events, fund-raisers, and seasonal markets. Since the beginning, my company has been founded on a foundation of creativity, passion, purpose, and entrepreneurial drive. 

It was quite easy and natural for me to turn my interests and talents into a business, but determining if it was a success is another matter entirely. In spite of the fact that I am doing what I love, owning a business has its difficulties. I think the saying "It takes a village" is accurate. Success is impossible without the help of my family, friends, and regular clients. Word of mouth, social media, networking, suggestions from other creators and business owners, commitment to my trade, perseverance, time management, many sleepless nights, creativity, and keeping true to who I am. The list goes on; to get where I am now, a variety of diverse variables had to come together. I'm constantly trying to succeed. 

The Owner Behind the Business - Jade 

Photo by the very talented -  Kaytlyn Devyani (https://www.kaytlyndevyaniphoto.com/)

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